The Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research

The Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research is a national facility dedicated to basic and translational stem cell research, technical training, and public education.

Contact information for general requests:
Phone: +47 22851578 / +47 92287650

Media inquiries:
Inquiries from the media should be made to Hege Brincker Fjerdingstad by email or telephone.

Patient inquiries:
All patient inquiries should be made by email to Hege Brincker Fjerdingstad. The Center can not administer patient inquiries made through any other channels.

The Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research was established in 2009 at the Oslo University Hospital-National Hospital (Rikshospitalet) through a directive from the Norwegian Ministry of Health, with funding administered by the Norwegian Research Council.

The Center’s principal objectives are to increase the pace of existing stem cell research in Norway, establish a platform for human pluripotent stem cell research, and build translational bridges that facilitate the clinical use of stem cells to treat patients.

In addition to being a driving force for Norwegian stem cell research, the Center is to play a national role in training researchers, disseminating knowledge about stem cells to researchers, clinicians, and the general public, and increasing collaboration between Norwegian and international stem cell research communities.

Housed in facilities located at Domus Medica, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, within the Department of Biochemistry, the Center contains several individual research laboratories and a core facility for the production and characterization of stem cells.

The Center is headed by Director Joel C. Glover, Professor at the Department of Physiology, University of Oslo, and Vice-director Philippe Collas, Professor at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oslo.

International Scientific Advisory Board:

Professor Anthony Atala
Wake Forest University

Professor Outi Hovatta
Karolinska Institute

Professor Ian Duncan
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professor Catherine Verfaillie
Catholic University Leuven

Professor Ariel Ruiz-i-Altaba
University of Geneva